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Fandino Beauty launched its studio at Sola Salon in January 2020 where a 1 on 1 appointment is made in a closed and clean environment. It prides itself on adopting a holistic approach and always giving the clients the time they need and deserve to deliver the best results and experience. It also specializes in the Balayage technique, creating a more natural look and with less maintenance required.


Fandino Beauty knows how important is our hair for us. For this reason, its mission is to listen and understand each individual’s needs. Rest assured you will be given the 100% disposition for you to walk out of the salon feeling confident and happy.

fandino beauty Toronto
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fandino beauty Toronto
fandino beauty Toronto
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The Value We Offer

With more than 10 years of experience, Fandino Beauty keeps specializing and evolving its techniques daily with the aim of building trust to serve your looks’ needs.

With its creativity and experience, Fandino Beauty has accomplished a unique style, focusing on the new trends and with the vision of being able to connect with every single client.

The main goal is to provide customers with high-quality service, utilizing esthetic and portrayal abilities and knowledge, along with essential tips to optimize your hair care.

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